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The miraculous Brazilian drink Vinho do Jurema is made from this tree, that grows in many tropical regions.

Brazilian Indians boil 8g - 25g of shredded Mimosa bark until water is brown, adding lemon juice to improve taste and release active ingredients, then strain & drink 30 minutes after ingestion of a MAO inhibitor herb like the ones below. The bark is often re-used a few times. Click for more info.

50g shredded B.Caapi vines
2.5g - 5g powdered Peganum harmala seeds.

An hour later the first effects come on in the form of head rushes which engulf the entire body, skin becomes tingly, limbs feel heavy. Colours are bright and sparkly, with eyes closed a kaleidoscope of visual symmetrical imagery can be seen which is also chaotic at times.
If listening to music its like hearing it for the first time and can trigger the same kind of perspective and atmosphere.
Surges of powerful strength and determination are common, but with such detachment there is no need to act on them, which contradicts the attachment to the past, which is more connected to the present like a continuing journey rather than fragmented memories.
Effects fade after an hour leaving behind a belonging comfortable glow.

DMT, when ingested is destroyed by the body's mono amine oxidase (MAO) before it can reach the brain. The above mentioned plants contain harmine & harmaline which prevents this from happening.

DMT is a class A drug in isolation. Boiling, using Mimosa may also be illegal. Above info is for interest, we sell for botanical research, identification only.

Mimosa hostilis root bark
Mimosa hostilis root bark, click to see a larger picture

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