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These visionary seeds also known as Villca are from Argentina where they’ve been used by Mataco Indians for thousands of years. To germinate soak seeds in water until swollen ( 24 hours ) then sandwich in cotton wool. When shoots appear remove shell and plant. Likes warmth, 25 C.

2 or 3 seeds ( 0.4g ) are cooked until they pop, ground into fine powder mixed with a quarter ash or edible lime to aid absorption when snorted up the nose through blow pipes. The outer shell doesn’t powder well so is often peeled and discarded. Cebil seed is also smoked in pipes.

Strong, intoxicating head rush like a cross between Salvia extract and 2 shots of Vodka. Still objects seem alive, everything looks more colourful and sparkles. With eyes closed vivid strange patterns and dots move around, they are always tiny and delicate. Lasts for up to an hour.

Our seeds have been lab tested and have a 4% drug content, 75% of it is bufotenine, 20% is 5meoDMT and 5% is nnDMT making them some of the most potent on earth.

Bufotenine & DMT are Class A drugs in isolation, using Cebil seeds for visionary purposes may also be illegal. Above info is for interest, we sell for research and germination only.

Anadenanthera Colubrina seeds
Anadenanthera Colubrina seeds, click to see a larger picture

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