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Ayahuasca pronounced eyeawaska is a large visionary vine from jungles of the Amazon basin brewed with other herbs by Indians from this region. The plant has mythical status and is used to reach the afterlife in the Christian Santo Daime church which has much native Indian influence.

At least 50g of vine is soaked in water for days then shredded, boiled with lemon juice to release active ingredients until water is brown, then strained & drank. Can be re-boiled for further use.

One of the DMT herbs below is boiled and drank 30 minutes later for maximum effect. Can also be boiled together. Click for more info.

25g Diplopterys cabrerana leaves
8g - 25g Mimosa hostilis root bark
50g Psychotria viridis leaves

Causes head rushes and sparkly visuals on its own, is more commonly used to get strong hallucinations from DMT herbs.

Shamans claim the many different varieties of Caapi known as black, red, white, Cielo gold etc can alter effects and colour of the hallucinations, is also said to have telepathic powers.

Harmine, harmaline and tetrahydroharmine, these are B-carboline alkaloids which inhibit the body's MAO (Mono Amine Oxidase) preventing the break down of substances allowing visionary chemicals such as DMT to become orally active or stronger.

B-carbolines are also present in other plants including Peganum Harmala and Passion flower

Should never be ingested for the following reasons.
B.Caapi reduces the body's MAO function which breaks down potently harmful substances. Because of this abstinence from food, especially chocolate and dairy products for over 4 hours before and after B.Caapi use is necessary to avoid being ill.
Drugs even if legal, medication even if for dieting or asthma, and consuming alcohol or anything toxic is dangerous and shouldn't be taken for 2 days before and at least 1 day after B.Caapi to be safe.

Potentially harmful if pregnant or suffering from bad health, especially liver or kidney problems.
Above info is for interest, vines sold for botanical & identification research only.

B.Caapi vines

B.Caapi vines, click to see a larger picture

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